CB group has 28 distribution centres.

In the last decade, the evolution of the distribution centres of the group has focused on satisfying the set of customer needs of the channel Horeca (hotel, restaurant, cafe, farm, bar, pub, disco and traditional food)

These centres of distribution are characterized for being leaders in their zones of scope, being capable of progress and to evolve constantly to satisfy the demands of the sector.

The extensive portfolio of products of these companies allows expiring with the demands of its customers in all the fields.


All distribution centres of CB group offer to their customers a delivery service within 24 hours for all its products.

In addition to its distribution centres in Catalonia and from its headquarters in Sils (Girona), the company offers a confection service, individualized preparation and manipulation. A system that ensures the distribution of all orders received in a maximum time of 12 hours.

This powerful network of services allows to CBgrup to offer a guarantee of stocks and at the same time a great optimization of the same ones with the handling of more than 2.500 references.