Grup de Distribució Costa Brava S.A. is a company of services for the distribtion of products to the channel Horeca.

CBgrup offers to its partners and associates, logistic services and commercial agreements, as well as support in communication and marketing to achieve its commercial aims and to give the best service to the final customer.

CBgrup starts in 1988, moment in which 17 independent companies from distribution join to share purchases. In 1991 the group is established as Association of Economic Interest (A.E.I.), but already in 1995 the partners decide to give the step of becoming a limited company.

As a whole, the group and its partners overcome 188 million Euros of invoicing, occupy 829 workers, have 28 distribution centres that they add 92.000 m2 of surface. As individual society, CBgrup has come to 16, 9 million Euros of invoicing in 2012, have 20 places of work and has a logistic centre in Sils (Girona), with 11.000m2 and in process of extension.

17M. aprox


188M. aprox

associate companies







CBgrup Chronology



Several entrepreneurs from 17 companies in the beverage distribution sector join to create a purchasing center and design the basis of the future of CBgrup



On December 19 the founding companies constitute the society Grup de Compres Costa Brava, A.I.E. and set the company name in Barcelona.



It was agreed to change the name of the company and to turn it into joint-stock company. This way, the name from February 23 becomes Grup de Distribució Costa Brava, S.A. (CBgrup). The company is constituted principally to give service to the own partners. On December 14 it constitutes the company Marcas Costa Brava, S.L. (MCB).

There begins the construction of the CBgrup’s first logistic centre, in a plot of 11.000m2 in Sils (Girona). A ship is built by a diaphanous surface of 4.000 m2 and with 450m2 destined to offices and equipment. An agreement of two years with Eckes Granini International Gmbh to distribute the range of juices Granini in the Spanish state, Portugal and Andorra.



Beginning of Granini’s activity. The aim for the first year to distribute 7MM litres is achieved. There is an agreement of the same model of contract of franchise for all the grouped ones on CBgrup, whether partners or partners.



Macro distribution agreement for Catalonia of EYCAM products, today Nestle Waters, for the channel Horeca.



The Eckes Granini Ibérica S.A. alliance is born, between the companies Eckes GRanini International Gmbh and Grup de Distribució Costa Brava S.A., with a percentage of participation of 51 % for the German company and a 49 % for CBgrup. This new company is mainly engaged to the distribution of the Granini products in the Spanish state, Portugal and Andorra. Thanks to the infrastructure and the experience accumulated during the previous years by CBgrup, both parts decide to entrust all the administrative and logistical tasks to CBgrup.



Agreement with the brand CAFÉ CREM and IDEAL COFFEE to distribute their products in the channel Horeca.



CBgrup acquires the plot where the second logistic centre will be located. It is an area of 22.000 m2 located in Polígono Industrial Valdemuel, in Épila (Zaragoza). There is built a totally diaphanous ship of 5.600m2 with 8 loading docks. 280m2 are allocated to offices and equipment.



On February 27 a contract of provision of logistic services is established with Eckes Granini Ibérica S.A. as a regulatory platform strategically located in Épila (Zaragoza) to give coverage to the whole peninsula, improving the service and the logistics.



CBgrup renews the distribution contract with Eckes Granini International Gmbh.



On September 30 ADISCAT (Association of companies of distribution and ligistic of beverages and food of Catalonia) is born, the first association in Catalonia for the distribution to the channel Horeca. The aim of the entity, also unique in the state, is working corporately in the common interests of companies in the sector and give value to a strong strategic content. On December 29 an agreement is established between Eckes Granini and CBgrup, by which CBgrup becomes regulator store of Granini’s products for its partners in Catalonia. This way, CBgrup prepares and delivers orders to every partner. In addition, CBgrup is the platform for other distribution customers of Eckes Granini Ibérica who are authorized to load in CBgrup.



Investment of 1, 2 million Euros to extend Sils’s ship to 3.000m2 with the aim of store coffee products, infusions and complements for coffee. On May 12 the purchase is signed to SYS S.A. of the brands CAFÉ CREM and IDEAL COFFEE, which the group was distributing since the year 2000. It begins the distributors’ search to commercialize these products in the Spanish state. Contract with Ask Jolden for the management of purchase and selection of coffees at origin and of selected farms.



CB grup makes improvements to its control system traceability, while automates its picking service.



Establishment of a strategic commercial plan and of marketing to 10 years.



Investment of 360.000 Euros in the improvement of CBgrup’s facilities in Épila (Zaragoza).



Partners and customers celebrated the 25th anniversary of the founding of the company in Gran Casino in Lloret.



Launch of the new compatible capsules Café Crem. 4 varieties according to the origin of the coffee: Barahona, Sumatra, Malabar and Cerrado.



Acquisition of the coffee farms Los Lirios (67,68 ha) and La Lanza (48,35 ha) in Dominican Republic on the part of the company, reinforcing this way its decided bet on the coffee market.


The group attends as an exhibitor at Alimentaria 2016 with its brand Café Crem. Launch of the new Coffee Mieludo.


The collaboration agreement with Finca La Mami (10.67 ha) in the Dominican Republic is signed. The work of preparation and adaptation of the production process begins.


The adaptation of the La Escuela (50.48 ha) and La Yolanda (17 ha) farms in the Dominican Republic to expand the production of Café Mieludo begins.


We started the COLD Food distribution project (refrigerated products and temperature control).


Work begins on the preparation of Finca Bien Bien (56 ha) in the Dominican Republic. The accesses are adapted and the cleaning and planting of coffee trees begins.