1.1. Thank you for choosing GRUP DE DISTRIBUCIÓ COSTA BRAVA S.A. By using and accessing this website and the addresses URLs derived from (in forward the web sites), you give a binding contract with our company, your contract with us includes your acceptance of these “Terms and Conditions of Use “and our” Privacy Policy “. If you do not agree with any of the terms, please, we invite you to leave the websites.

1.2. The web sites are an ownership of GRUP DE DISTRIBUCIÓ COSTA BRAVA SA, whose corporate name is GRUP DE DISTRIBUCIÓ COSTA BRAVA SA, with headquarters in Polígono Industrial Bosc de Can Cuca, Calle Talleres, 18, 17410-Sils-Girona, con CIF A17435827. Registered in the Commercial Register in Tomo 2651, Folio 140, hoja Registral GI-153 and e-mail: [email protected]

1.3. GRUP DE DISTRIBUCIÓ COSTA BRAVA indicates you that it is an obligation of the user to read the present conditions of use of the web sites, being considered to be in force and therefore applicable, recommending to the users to print or save a copy of these” Terms and conditions of use ” in order to have knowledge of the same ones later, though the same ones will be at all-time available in the web page ( All the conditions can be stored and reproduced by the users / customers through any tool of the conventional text processors on the market.

1.4. To be able to use and navigate the web sites of Conversia, the User must have (a) 18 years or more, or have 14 and have the paternal assent or of his tutor to these terms, (b) to have aptitude to grant a binding contract with us and that no applicable law prohibits it, and (c) to be a resident in Spain. The User also guarantees that all the information that he provides to GRUP DE DISTRIBUCIÓ COSTA BRAVA is veracious, accurate and complete, and agrees to do so at all time.


2.1. It is object of the present terms of use the navigation, access and use of the portal and of its information (Browsing, that is to say to browse a space with the intention of recognizing objects in it, this factual conduct supposes the juridical automatic acceptance and without any modification, of the terms, conditions and warnings gathered in the present text. The described conducts confer the user’s condition without the need of conventional signature by the user, as for the terms here established, without prejudice of the application of the pertinent normative of obliged fulfilment. It is an obligation of GRUP DE DISTRIBUCIÓ COSTA BRAVA to warn that if the user disagreed with the present terms in this document, the user must abstain from acceding to the web sites, for what GRUP DE DISTRIBUCIÓ COSTA BRAVA invites you to leave immediately this web site if you are in conformity with the mentioned warning.

2.2. The User is declared as a natural or legal person, GRUP DE DISTRIBUCIÓ COSTA BRAVA declares, and the user acknowledges that GRUP OF DISTRIBUTION COSTA BRAVA provides great diversity of information, services and data, the user assumes responsibility for the proper use of the websites. This responsibility extends to all those uses and practices made by the user within the web sites as well as the use of the information, services and data offered by GRUP DE DISTRIBUCIÓ COSTA BRAVA.

User Guidelines

3.1. Guidelines for access to websites

3.1.1. To access to the websites, the user must have access and connection to the Internet, pay the access fees, have the equipment / device and the necessary electronic systems to connect to the network, including a terminal that is suitable to the effect (computer, phone, tablet, etc. …) and a modem or other analogous or similar access.

3.1.2. The user knows that the correct access and use of certain content and services of the websites, may involve the downloading in their computing devices of certain computer programs or other logical elements. The user is solely responsible for the installation of these elements, declining GRUP DE DISTRIBUCIÓ COSTA BRAVA any type of responsibility that could derive from it.

3.2. Guidelines for the use of websites by the user.

3.2.1. The user binds to carry out a utilization of the web sites, its conditions, services that could offer, contents of conformity with the Law, the Morality, the good Customs and the public order, not using it contrary to the present contents in this text, of harmful form for GRUP DE DISTRIBUCIÓ COSTA BRAVA or third parties, or that of any form it could damage, disable or impair the web sites or its services, or prevent a normal enjoyment of the web sites by other users.

3.2.2. The user will abstain from realizing actions that damage, interrupt or generate mistakes in the systems of GRUP DE DISTRIBUCIÓ COSTA BRAVA, as well as to introduce programs, virus, macros, applets, ActiveX controls or any other logical device or sequence of characters that cause or are capable of causing any type of alteration in the IT systems.

3.2.3. GRUP DE DISTRIBUCIÓ COSTA BRAVA reserves the right to refuse or withdraw the access to the web sites and / or to the Services, at any time and without need of previous notice to those users who break the terms and conditions of use.

3.3. Limitation of liability of GRUP DE DISTRIBUCIÓ COSTA BRAVA for the use of the web sites

3.3.1. The web sites can contain advertising contents or be sponsored. The advertisers and sponsors are the only ones responsible of assuring that the sent material, for its incorporation in the web sites, obey with the laws that in every case could be of application. GRUP DE DISTRIBUCIÓ COSTA BRAVA will not be responsible of any error, inaccuracy or irregularity that the advertising contents may contain or of the sponsors.

3.3.2. GRUP DE DISTRIBUCIÓ COSTA BRAVA does all the necessary efforts to offer the information contained in the web sites of veracious form and without misprints. In the case that in some moment there are any error of this type, external at all time to the will of GRUP DE DISTRIBUCIÓ COSTA BRAVA, it would proceed to the correction of the misprint to the major briefness and there will be facilitated to the user the information and options established in the in force legislation.

3.3.3. 3.3.3. GRUP DE DISTRIBUCIÓ COSTA BRAVA will not be liable to the user, in:

– The efficiency in the connection as well as the speed of access to the web sites by the user. The interferences, omissions, interruptions, IT virus, telephonic breakdowns or disconnections in the operative functioning of the electronic system for external reasons of GRUP DE DISTRIBUCIÓ COSTA BRAVA./p>

– The information introduced by users and third persons, external to GRUP DE DISTRIBUCIÓ COSTA BRAVA and with those who there is not kept any type of agreement nor contractual collaboration.

Policy of links and exemptions of responsibility

4.1. GRUP DE DISTRIBUCIÓ COSTA BRAVA not responsible for the content of the web pages that the user can access through the links established on the platform and declares that in no case it will proceed to examine or exercise no type of control on the content of other pages of the network. Likewise, neither it will guarantee the technical availability, accuracy, veracity, validity or legality of pages external to its property to which it can be accessed through the links.

4.2. GRUP DE DISTRIBUCIÓ COSTA BRAVA declares to have adopted all the necessary measures to avoid any damage that, to the users of its web sites, could arise from browsing the Internet or the user might suffer.

Force of the present text

5.1. GRUP DE DISTRIBUCIÓ COSTA BRAVA reserves the right to realize the modifications that it considers to be opportune, without previous notice, in the content of the web site. Both with what concerns to the contents of the sites, as in the conditions of use of the same. The above mentioned modifications will be able to be realized, through the web site, by any admissible form in right and will be of obliged fulfilment during the time in which they are published exclusively and to disposition in the web sites and until they are not modified by later others.

5.2. GRUP DE DISTRIBUCIÓ COSTA BRAVA reserves the right to update the use, terms and conditions applicable to the web sites. Being always of application, in benefit of the user, the in force ones in the moment in which he accedes to the web site, as well as the in force ones to date of the possible request of services, if that were the case. The update will be pre-notified through the website, which will be opened on having acceded to the page with a minimal anticipation of 15 days.

Intellectual and industrial property

6.1. All the texts, images, contents, logos, registered brands or not, as well as the means and forms of presentation and assembly of the web sites are original or derivatively ownership of GRUP DE DISTRIBUCIÓ COSTA BRAVA. Consequently they are works or contents protected as intellectual property and / or industrial property by the juridical Spanish classification in conformity with the legislative Royal decree 1/1996, of April 12 by what the consolidated restated text of the Intellectual Property Law is approved and for the Law 17/2001, of December 7, being also applicable both Spanish and community regulations related to the above fields, as the international agreements relative to the matter and signed by Spain.

6.2. All the rights on the contents, are reserved remaining prohibited expressly the reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation and / or any modality of use, of the totality or part of the contents of the web sites without the express consent of GRUP DE DISTRIBUCIÓ COSTA BRAVA.

Applicable legislation and jurisdiction

7.1. GRUP DE DISTRIBUCIÓ COSTA BRAVA reserves likewise the faculty to present the civil or penal actions that considers to be opportune for the undue utilization of its web pages and contents, or for the breach of the present conditions.

7.2. The parts agree, of their free wills that the relation between the user and GRUP DE DISTRIBUCIÓ COSTA BRAVA will be ruled by the Spanish current regulation and they will be competent to decide on any dispute that might arise between the user and GRUP DE DISTRIBUCIÓ COSTA BRAVA. The courts or tribunals of the locality of Girona.


Sils (Girona), on July 27, 2015.